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Vehicle Scammer Arrested In Massachusetts

Posted in database, scammer by Chief on May 4, 2012

Original News Story from the Woburn Patch

Romanian man conducted international scheme from Woburn hotel, says federal agent.
by Danielle Masterson, May 1, 2012

Please note the key phrase, “victims filed police reports with their local police departments. Law enforcement cannot react if victims do not report crime.  Reporting crime protects the public.

A Romanian man, whose last known address was in Woburn, is now facing federal money laundering charges after an investigation by the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency.

Catalin Buzea, 31, of 300 Presidential Way (Marriot Residence Inn) in Woburn, will be criminally charged with conspiracy to commit money laundering after allegedly knowingly engaging in financial transactions that affected “interstate commerce and foreign commerce.” According to ICE Special Agent Timothy Costello, those transactions included wire fraud, mail fraud and passport fraud.

Agent Costello filed a criminal complaint against Buzea on April 26, which was accepted by United States Chief Magistrate Judge Leo Sorokin.

According to Agent Costello’s affadavit, Buzea allegedly used a fake name and fake Czech Republic passport to open a bank account in Melrose. In February, two wire transfers were put through to the bank account from North Carolina and Tennessee.

“Both [victims] filed police reports with their local police departments and gave a statement that they wired money for the purpose of purchasing a vehicle that had been advertised over the Internet, but neither had received the vehicle,” said Agent Costello.

Several withdrawals were made from the account in Revere, Arlington, Brookline, Cambridge, Brighton, Newton, Hingham and Canton.

According to federal authorities, video surveillance identifies Buzea as the man who opened the account in Melrose and withdrew money at the ATMs listed.

In March, Lexington Police responded to a Citizens Bank on Massachusetts Avenue in the town center, following a report from a bank employee indicating a person wanted for numerous bank-related frauds was at a customer service desk. Buzea was taken into custody by Lexington Police officers.

At the time of his arrest, Buzea had a fake Greek passport in his possession, as well as a Greek driver’s license and two cell phones.

According to Agent Costello, Buzea admitted to authorities his real name and implicated another Romanian man in the fraud scheme.

In Buzea’s hotel room, which he shared with the other Romanian man, authorities reported they found several fraudulent identification cards, including a Slovak Republic passport, a U.S. Visa and a Portuguese ID.


2007 Porsche Cayman Coupe – Scam

Posted in database, scammer by Chief on April 27, 2012

Submission from a reader,  Rob:

From Elnora M. Moore”
Who was posting Kijiji ads in Calgary.

From: Rob
Date: Wed, Apr 4, 2012 at 9:10 AM
Subject: Re: Reply to your “2007 Porsche Cayman Coupe” Ad on Kijiji
To: “Elnora M. Moore”

Thanks for the info again. Still not comfortable proceeding without a least a VIN.

I was able to extract the embedded GPS information from the photos you sent. All the photos were taken at a dealership in Illinois.
(photographed in front of the same wall also). Can you please explain this?

Give me a shout when you – and the car are back in Calgary and we can do this deal in person.
Or I will fly out there and pick up the vehicle in Thunder Bay. Alternatively, I also have a close family member in Thunder Bay that can check out the vehicle. Let me know when/where he can view the car.

If not, no deal. Good luck with the sale if you can’t meet those terms.

On Wed, Apr 4, 2012 at 8:12 AM, Elnora M. Moorewrote:

Morning Rob,

I just woke up (will be a long day today on the site with the restoration of the house) and the truth is that as much as I want to speak with you over the phone prior to move forward with this transaction, I do have big problems in communicate (a kind of a recent accident) and I hope you’ll understand me because it’s a long story anyway and one of the reasons for selling. However, we can meet face to face when I’ll be back home again and have a chat then. you’re close to buy my car (in case you like it) so, we’ll be connected somehow. Let me explain everything. the eBay Vehicle Protection Program acts as a neutral third party to guarantee a safe transaction between both parties. In brief, this is how it works:
1. once I have your full name, address and phone# I will forward them to eBay so you will be notified with the forms needed for this transaction (invoice, payment instructions, buyer and seller protection policy).
2. upon starting the process and your decision to move forward, you will be notified on every step taken. the Cayman is already at eBay shipping company here in Thunder Bay,ON in their custody, along with the title and all papers/documents. Their British shipping company will be in charge of the delivery process to your door and handling payment. The vehicle will be brought over in order for you to inspect/test it – loaded on a trailer and fully insured during the trial period and transportation. This comes with up to 5 days inspection period (the shipping fee is $149 and you will only be charged upon vehicle acceptance). 35% down payment is required by eBay to do this, using bank transfer as method of payment. For obvious safety reasons, any payments are being handled directly through them and their British shipping company, so I’m only getting paid at the end, once you’ll be in possession of the Porsche and upon your decision to keep it. The remaining balance will be due within the following 14 days. On the other hand, full refund is also guaranteed same day in case you decide not to, with no shipping back costs to pay. these are the terms, let me know what you think. If you’re into it, please email me your info (full name, address and phone#) so I can contact eBay in order initiate the transaction as soon as possible for your convenience.

Thanks and looking forward to your reply,


From: rob

To: Elnora M. Moore
Sent: Tuesday, April 3, 2012 11:08:53 PM
Subject: Re: Reply to your “2007 Porsche Cayman Coupe” Ad on Kijiji
Looking in to the ebay program. Can you please send me the VIN of the vehicle?

From: “Elnora M. Moore”
Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2012 13:00:26 -0700 (PDT)
To: Rob
ReplyTo: “Elnora M. Moore”
Subject: Re: Reply to your “2007 Porsche Cayman Coupe” Ad on Kijiji

Good afternoon Rob,
The reason is simply I like it very much how its feels when you ride it with the new exhaust but no problem we still have our stock exhaust + 4 new winter tyres.

Let me know if you need any additional info on how it works the eBay vehicle purchase program and we hope we receive a good price offer.



From: Rob
To: Elnora M. Moore
Sent: Tuesday, April 3, 2012 8:31:28 PM
Subject: Re: Reply to your “2007 Porsche Cayman Coupe” Ad on Kijiji

Thanks for the photos an additional information.
One more question for you.
1) Why does the car not have the original exhaust. The 2007 cayman has a single tip exhaust, not dual tips.

On Tue, Apr 3, 2012 at 11:11 AM, Elnora M. Moore wrote:
Hi Rob and thanks for getting back to me. Rob, for the moment I’m located near Thunder Bay,ON restoring an old family property, and the Porsche is with me. Will return home (Calgary) in 4-5weeks, however, arrangements can be made for you to get the Cayman at your door in NW Calgary within 24hrs if you’re into it. I’ve signed on for the eBay vehicle purchase program, which guarantees a fast and hassle free process (including up to 5 days trial period – enough time to decide if you want to buy it or not, $149 shipping fees-your share, no extra charge or hidden fees). Let me know if you need any additional info on how it works, and if you need any more details about the vehicle.

P.S: You don’t have to worry about it was joking “never laid down” in my mind means that we had very good care of car. Pictures attached per your request.

From: Rob
To: Elnora M. Moore
Sent: Tuesday, April 3, 2012 5:38:43 PM
Subject: Re: Reply to your “2007 Porsche Cayman Coupe” Ad on Kijiji

Thanks for the quick response.
A little confused with you comment. What do you mean by “never laid down” in the response?
I am still interested in the vehicle, and would like to see it in person if possible. Can you take some more pics of the front storage area under the hood also?

I’m located in NW Calgary, where are you located?

On Tue, Apr 3, 2012 at 12:58 AM, Elnora M. Moorewrote:

Hi Rob and sorry for my delayed reply. The Porsche is still available, same asking price as stated in the ad. The Cayman is in perfect working and aesthetic condition, never involved in any accidents, A+ mechanical condition, never had any problems with it what so ever. there are no scratches or any dents on it, never laid down, very well maintained as the photos clearly show. It has all the papers and documents available, clean title, first and original owner. Any questions or need more pictures? do not hesitate to ask, and I’ll do my best to help you out with the best of my knowledge. where exactly are you located?

Thank you,

P.S: If you be willing to buy my car we can purchase a CarProof report for you and will be no problem but I can assure you this is in perfect condition the car.

From: Kijiji Reply (from Rob)

Sent: Tuesday, April 3, 2012 8:34:28 AM

Subject: Reply to your “2007 Porsche Cayman Coupe” Ad on Kijiji

Hello! The following is a reply to your “2007 Porsche Cayman Coupe” Ad on Kijiji:
From: Rob
Is this vehicle still for sale. If so, what can you tell me about the history of the vehicle. How many owners?is it a canadian car? is maintenance up to date? (and are service records available). Any previous accidents? Thanks, -Rob
All transactions should take place in person with cash. Do not ship items and do not accept other payment methods.
Never click links in an email that ask you to sign in to Kijiji. All “Your Kijiji account has expired” emails are fakes.
Kijiji, eBay and PayPal do not offer buyer or seller protection for Kijiji items. Such emails are fakes.

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Apartment – Condo – House Rental Scams

Posted in database, scammer by Chief on April 13, 2012

Thousands of hits to this blog in the past few weeks are related to residential rental scams. Here is a posting from describing the scam:

This is a simple scam done through affiliate marketing. The scammer will advertise properties for rent all over the nation through popular free websites. The advertisements will look like any other rental property ad, vague and without an address. As people respond to the ad, the scammer will email them a rental application (fake), a request for a credit report (an affiliate link in the email), and a request to set up a time and day to do a walk-through of the property. The scam is the affiliate link to the “free credit report.” After you sign up with the credit report company, you will be told by the prospective landlord/scammer that the property has been rented. You will move on with your house/apartment hunting and be none the wiser until you start getting billed for the “free credit report monitoring” on your credit card. The scammer gets paid for everyone he signs up on the affiliate link.

Some email addresses of scammers reported by users:

Cindy Miller
Carl Tyson
James Pat
Cassie Kimmel:
Wasim Meshreky

A typical link, , leads to , who pays the scammer for each “customer” he brings to the site. is another “referrer site” promoted by the scammers.

Scammer Arrested near Boston for Conducting Fake Escrow Transactions

Posted in database, scammer by Chief on April 5, 2012

Alleged Con Man Captured in Lexington, Mass.

A Romanian man is accused of opening back accounts using counterfeit identification and bilking victims out of thousands through their online payments for non-existent vehicles. Sound familiar?  click to see original story

The alleged international con man arrested last Friday in Lexington is from Romania and has been living out of the Marriot Hotel on Mishawum Road in Woburn, the Lexington Police Department said today, April 2.

According to a police report, at 11:08 a.m. on Friday, March 30, Lexington Police responded to a Citizens Bank on Massachusetts Avenue in the town center, following a report from a bank employee indicating a person wanted for numerous bank-related frauds was at a customer service desk.

Police confirmed the man in question, later identified as 31-year-old Catalin Buzea, was indeed wanted by Boston Police and ICE/Homeland Security in connection with a series of bank-related scams throughout the Greater Boston area. And then LPD carried out a courtesy booking and brought him Buzea back to the station, where he was questioned by investigators from Boston PD and ICE, according to Capt. Joe O’Leary of the Lexington Police Department.

At the Lexington bank Buzea was attempting to use phony Greek identification, and he was found to be in possession of a counterfeit identification card from the Netherlands, as well. Police located the vehicle Buzea had been using parked in the lot behind Bertucci’s and had it towed to the station, where authorities found a large amount of cash and Buzea’s Romanian passport, O’Leary said.

According to reports, the gist of Buzea’s rouse was to use fake IDs to set up bank accounts and illegitimate PayPal accounts and post phony vehicle listings to sites like Craig’s List and eBay. Once payment was received, it appears he would send some money overseas and keep some for himself, O’Leary said.

Following the questioning in Lexington, LPD transported Buzea to Boston, where he was arrested on charges of larceny by scheme over $250, uttering forgery and identity fraud.




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Scammers of note – 19MAR2012

Posted in database, scammer by Chief on March 19, 2012

The contacts below were found in online classified ads by criminals attempting to conduct criminal fraud in the form of fake escrow scams. Never send money via Western Union or Moneygram to someone you do not know personally.


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Scammers of the week – 14MAR2012

Posted in database, scammer by Chief on March 14, 2012

Never use Moneygram or Western Union to transfer money to someone you do not know personally. If the receiving party is using a fake ID, the transaction is not traceable.

Note that criminals emulating Ebay will use fake email addresses such as . Ebay representatives will use an email address ending in

All the below are scammers:

Top 5 Most-Read Articles at the ScammerDataBase

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Scammers found advertising in online classified ads – 08MAR2012

Posted in database, scammer by Chief on March 8, 2012

The contacts below were found in online classified ads by criminals attempting to conduct criminal fraud in the form of fake escrow scams. Never send money via Western Union or Moneygram to someone you do not know personally.

Warnings from an intended victim of fraud

Posted in database, ebay spoof, scammer by Chief on March 2, 2012

Warnings from reader.  He is right on target! Thanks, Alex!

Here is the e-mail I received from “Amy Miller” ( in regards the Land Rover. Like I previously mentioned, 99.98% of the times in which a wire transfer is required and/or the vehicle is in another city or state it’s definitely a scam. The ‘modus-operandi’ here is as follows: the scammer obtains your basic information at first (as seen in the below email). Upon gathering this basic info, the scammer will send a ‘bill’ using a bogus eBay like site (professionally done, same graphics and similar web design) prompting you to make a payment either by wiring money by Western Union or a check. Upon receiving your hard earned money, instead of a Land Rover… landing time. Please note that PayPal is never an available option with a scammer. The sad part is that although it may sound like an “it’s too obvious that’s a scam” there are a lot of good faith people who are unaware of their tactics and are being victims of these crooks.

“My final price for suv is only $1,920.00. The shipping is free. You must pay only $1,920.00. The suv is already at the shipping company in Fort Collins, CO sealed and ready for the shipping. I have a contract with eBay so this deal must go through them. According with eBay you have 5 days from the time you receive the suv to inspect it and decide if you want to keep it or not.
Here is how it will work:
1. First of all I will need the following details from you:
– Full Name
– Full Shipping Address
– Phone #
2. After I will receive the details from you, I will forward them to eBay.
3. After they will process your info, they will send us both invoices. The invoice will send you the details on how to make a refundable payment.
4. eBay will contact me and I will ship the suv to you. After you receive the suv you will have 5 days to test, verify and do whatever you want with the suv. If you will buy it, then I will receive the payment details from eBay so that I can pick up the money.
5. If you will decide that you will not buy the suv, eBay will refund the money and I will have the shipping company come pick up my suv. If you wish to make the transaction, please send me the necessary info so that we can proceed. I look forward to hear from you.
Thank you”

Google = fail; Switch to

Posted in database by Chief on March 2, 2012

Google has been in the news lately due to it’s global privacy policy, but my beef is the inability to contact these guys.

I attempted to report the abuse of a Google service by criminals (scammers) at their abuse report page, but the form does not accept any email address as valid. Face it! Google does not want you to contact them — for anything!

Now adjust all search engine defaults to YIPPY. Try it, I guarantee you will like it.