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Scammer Stephan Dorne “selling” Airstream Travel Trailer

Posted in database, ebay spoof, scammer by Chief on July 6, 2011

This is a scam. Ebay does not offer the service recommended by the scammer. Any Ebay correspondence will be from a scammer portraying a fake escrow service.

Here is Stephan’s reply to my inquiry:

From: Stephan Dorne
Date: ~~~~
Subject: Airstream Trailer
To: ~~~~

Hello and thank you for your email. This is the first time that I sell something on the internet but I have decided to try it since all my friends here in the United Kingdom have been successfully using this system for quite some time.
I have analyzed all my options and I came to the conclusion that the safest way to do this deal is using the service of eBay, that can give us both the safety and the guarantee necessary to end the transaction in a secure way.
I have applied for this service and I’m willing to pay for their fee if you agree using their service.
People have asked me the reason for which the small price. The answer is simple: I do not wish to waste much time on this transaction. The trailer is in great shape, never been involved in any accidents and looks exactly like the images. I wish to inform you, that I lived in United States for 5 years and have bought the trailer there. That is why I am selling it there, because it is registered in United States. The trailer is currently in the possession of the shipping company in United States waiting to be shipped to any location. My final price is US $5,700, this also includes the transport fees.
– The first payment that is US $2,850 would have to be transmitted to eBay.
– The shipping is started, and in 2-3 days after this you will receive the trailer.
– Then you have 7 days in order to examine and control it.
– After these 7 days you must inform eBay about your decision.
– In the case you don’t wish to keep the trailer, you must send it back and US $150 it will be deducted from the payment you already made for shipping purpose.
I understand that we are both protected through the rules and regulations eBay with regard to the safe trade on the Internet. If you are interested in the purchase and if you agree to use the services of eBay, for both our safety, write back for the more information.

Click this link for more pictures of the trailer:

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