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Scammer Damara Danton offers me a 2004 Infiniti G35 for $6,800

Posted in database, ebay spoof, scammer by Chief on July 6, 2011

The follow correspondence is with a scammer. Never send money to someone you do not know personally via Moneygram or Western Union.

Here is Damara’s reply to my inquiry:

From: Damara Danton
Date: ~~~~
Subject: RE: Infinity
To: ~~~~

The car has 96492 miles,Automatic trans,1owner.It’s in perfect condition,no engine/electric problems,no accidents/liens/loans.Exterior no scrataches,never been repainted,Interior no rips/tears/stains,never smoked inside.I have all the car’s manuals,2 spare of keys,title,documents.I’m selling the car because my child of only 19 died 4 months ago in a truck accident,a drunk driver hit him and his fiancee.He was with his fiance’s truck coming to our home at his little brother birthday of 10 years old. ( The sudden death of a family member is common with scammers.)
2004 Infiniti G35, was his car and it brings me bad memories and that’s the reason I want to sell it.The last price is $6,800 .Me and my husband travel a lot with our business and we want to make this deal through eBay’s Vehicle Purchase Protection Program.I just need your full name,full shipping address, home/cell # so I can open a case.(with no further obligation or fees).eBay will contact you with all the Transaction/shipping details you will need.We will take care of the shipping so don’t worry. (Damara is wasting no time. Must be a rookie scammer.)
We hope to hear soon from you.
For more pictures here is a link to the car’s photo gallery:

I then asked a question of Damara regarding who pays shipping and I received this reply:


The car is located in Louisville,KY at DAS ( Dependable Auto Shippers ) headquarters, in the container, sealed and ready for shipping. You will have 10 days so you can inspect the car. Once you have inspected the car and decided to keep it, you will confirm your decision to eBay and only then they will re-route the money in to my account, but if by any reason, you won’t be satisfied with the car you can return it back for a full refund of your money. I will take care of the shipping, don’t worry. You will receive the car with all the necessary papers (clear title, bill of sale, user’s manual, insurance etc). Just get back with your full name and full shipping address and I will get everything started as soon as possible, then eBay will contact you with more further instructions.

Thanks a lot!

I next asked the same question again and received the same reply. I don’t think “Damara” speaks much English. Ignoring her lack of response to my question, I gave her a fake address to buy the vehicle.  Suddenly, Damara speaks English:

Hello ~~~,
I am very glad that you decided to purchase my car i hope you will take care of it..but in order for me to register you as my client i will need also your cell#….
God bless you and your family!

She accepted my fake cell phone number and answered my question on who pays shipping:

Hi again,
I have to pay all the fees in this for you including the shipping will be free.So please let me know if you want to register you as my client.


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