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Scammer conducting fraudulent sale of rv

Posted in database, scammer by Chief on July 6, 2011

This is an attempt at criminal fraud. If you send money to this scammer, you will have lost it.

Original ad (click to enlarge): 2007 keystone passport travel trailer camper rv

Fraudulent ad for 2007 camper

Fraudulent ad for 2007 camper

Correspondence from the scammer using the name Steve Smith:
From: Steve Smith <>
Date: ~~~
Subject: Re: 2007 keystone camper
To: ~~~

Thank you for contacting me .
This is a beautiful 29 feet trailer as you can see in the photos.The price is US $4,000.00 .I have a clear and clean title for it.
The keystone belonged to my son, who died in the earthquake in Ishinomaki,Japan (God needs to tell me why !) I’m still very traumatized about this…and I want to get rid of it asap because the sight of it makes me think of him often and the pain is too great . Put yourself in my shoes and you’ll do the same (selling your dead son’s trailer, no offense).
Right now i`m on a business trip so i had to leave the keystone at Perfect Cargo .
Perfect Cargo is an escrow company that will protect you since i`m not able to do a “face to face” transaction since i`m away .The trailer is in Yakima, Washington .You can pick it up after you pay Perfect Cargo or pay another $300 and have it delivered to your address .The payment will have to be wired to Perfect Cargo’s bank account .Besides this, Perfect Cargo will include a 14 days return policy which means you can return the keystone at no additional cost and receive your money back .
Please let me know if you want to go ahead with this purchase . I`ll fill you in on the rest once you reply back ,
Cheerfully ,


Second email from the criminal:

The trailer will be delivered in about 5 business days .
Here are more pics of it
Let me fill you in on some details :
The shipping and handling fees as well as Perfect Cargo’s third party fees are all included in a total amount of $4,300.00 and not a cent more .Shipping will start as soon as Perfect Cargo receives your payment .Once the trailer arrives , you will have 14 days to make up your mind .Either you keep it or you return it. It’s your choice .If by chance you would want to return it , Perfect Cargo will pick it up from your home and wire the money back into your bank account .
I have initiated the transaction through Perfect Cargo .You must register yourself an account with them first .You can also do this by going at ( ) or by using this link-address:
Let me know ,



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  1. L. Rivas said, on July 8, 2011 at 12:10 pm

    He is doing this again under this name and email!, and using Brad Carlton as the name.

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