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Emails From Scammer Allen Deckert

Posted in database, ebay spoof, scammer by Chief on May 14, 2011

Thanks to the potential victim for forwarding these emails. Everything you read here is a lie. Ebay does not offer the service proposed by the seller. The seller does not own this vehicle.

eBay sent this message to *********

Your registered name is included to show this message originated from eBay.

eBay Purchase Protection Program Case 4507874110 Item – 2002 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

eBay member Allen Deckert, as the Seller,initiated a new transaction through eBay Purchase Protection Program and registered you, ********,as the Buyer. We verified all the details of this transaction and we concluded that they are accurate and the transaction is approved. Please follow our instructions to complete the transaction safely. Your item purchase is protected for up to $20,000.00 or the item purchase price, whichever is lower.

Vehicle Purchase Protection – Ensures that you receive the vehicle you paid for, with coverage up to $20,000.00 against fraud or material misrepresentation.

Condition Guarantee by Seller – Provides added confidence that the vehicle’s condition is accurately described and protects you if it is significantly different.

Extended Warranty – Protects you from unexpected repair bills after the vehicle purchase.

The Vehicle Purchase Protection program protects your vehicle purchase against fraud and material misrepresentation. This program is provided by eBay Motors for FREE on all eligible transactions completed on eBay Motors. There’s no sign-up, opt-in, or registration necessary.

The following types of fraud and material misrepresentation are covered:

Paying for a vehicle and never receiving it;

Sending a deposit for a vehicle and never receiving the vehicle;

Paying for and receiving a vehicle:

* that was a stolen vehicle at the time of the transaction;

* with an undisclosed or unknown lien against its title;

* of a make and/or model that is different than what was described in the seller’s listing;

* without receiving the title for that vehicle from the seller, if it is impossible for you to obtain a title from the appropriate Department of Motor Vehicles;

* whose title is subject to an undisclosed salvage, rebuilt/rebuildable, unrebuildable, reconstructed, scrapped/destroyed, junk, lemon, manufacturer buyback, or water damage title brand at the time of the sale;

* with a model year that is different than the model year described in the seller’s listing;

* with an odometer reading that is different than the odometer reading described in the seller’s listing.

Your purchase is protected for up to $20,000.00 or the item purchase price, whichever is lower. The program covers Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, ATVs, Go-Karts, Scooters, Mopeds, Personal Watercraft, Snowmobiles, Boats, Buses, Commercial Trucks, Race Cars, RVs and Campers, Tractors,Skid Steer Loaders,Trailers.

Marketplace Safety Tip

Purchase protection and refund

* Currently, the Seller (Allen Deckert) has a $20,000 deposit in an eBay managed purchase protection account. Transactions with this seller are covered by purchase protection against fraud and description errors. For your safety this account was locked today, for a 30 days time period. The Seller is unable to withdraw any money from it within this period. Should you need a refund for this transaction, the insured amount will be taken from the seller’s purchase protection account and sent to you. The refund is sent to your bank account, by check or money order. The way you are refunded is at your sole discretion. Refund requests are processed within 48 hours.

Here are the situations suitable for a refund request:

* If the vehicle doesn’t arrive and/or the seller stops communication after the payment is received;

* If the vehicle you receive is clearly different from what you purchased in a way that significantly affects its value or utility. (The eBay Claims Administrator makes this determination in its sole discretion and may require you to provide a written statement from a qualified appraiser, at eBay’s sole discretion);

* If your vehicle arrives in a much longer period than the one you agreed on (more than 20 days from the payment clearance day).

Please respond by replying to this email.Your email will go directly to our Customer Support

Thank you for using eBay.
eBay VPAP Customer Support (Trust and Safety Department)

Your registered name is included to show this message originated from eBay.

eBay Motors Purchase Invoice for Case 4507874110

Hi ********,

We hope you enjoy your latest purchase. The next step is pay the seller. Don’t wait. Pay now to get your item as soon as possible.

Payment must be submitted via Western Union Service to an eBay Motors Agent in charge of this transaction. The eBay Motors Agent will secure the payment until the Buyer receives, inspects and accepts the vehicle. Or, if it is the case, the Agent will refund the payment to the Buyer.

Item Description:

2002 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

Sale price:


Quantity: 1
Insurance: Offered

Status: Payment Pending
Case ID: 4507874110

Transaction Date: May 13 2011
Shipping and handling: Check with seller

Payment Instructions:

In order to speed up the shipping process,please use the “Money in Minutes” service.

If you are not familiarized with Western Union services please visit:

Pay for the transfer with cash at a local Western Union agent. Western Union Agent locations are
independent businesses that provide money transfer service to their customers on behalf of Western Union. In the United States, Western Union Agents are primarily retail locations – grocery stores, check-cashers, mail box centers, drug stores, travel agencies and depots and other retail locations.

Independent Western Union Agents may impose different limitations on the maximum amount that can be submitted per day. For this reason, in case of a larger amount to be sent, we recommend that you go to more than one agent and submit the total sum in separate transfers.

eBay Agent Informations*

*The Western Union Transfer will be sent using this name and address.

Buyer Informations

Eric Plaisance

4204 Pleasant Grove Rd

Lansing MI 48910

United States

Allen Deckert

204 3Rd Street NW

Great Falls MT 59404

United States

How to make payment?

Click below to find the nearest Western Union office: Find Agent Location

Submit payment using eBay agent’s details as payment details

Send us the following information from the Western Union receipt:

* MTCN Number

* Sender’s Name and Address

* Receiver’s Name and Address

* Amount Transferred

We strongly recommend that you also fax the Western Union payment receipt to our Central Fax
Number: (206)984-3993

Marketplace Safety Tip

* For security reasons please DO NOT submit the payment details to the Seller or any other
unauthorized person/corporation.

* The payment details are confidential and will not be released under any circumstances.Seller is
authorized to ship only after eBay verifies good funds.Upon payment verification, the seller is authorized
to ship the vehicle and submit tracking information.

* When payment is received, it will be verified and secured into a non-interest bearing trust account.
Payment verification process usually takes less than three hours. After payment is secured, the Seller is authorized to ship merchandise. The seller has three business days to send the buyer and eBay the tracking number of the shipment. If no tracking number is provided, a full refund is immediately sent to the buyer.

* Buyer receives the merchandise.If it is complete and as described, the buyer should accept the
merchandise. If he refuses the merchandise, the buyer must ship the merchandise back to the Seller.

* After the inspection period is over, the Buyer must contact eBay Motors Customer Support with the result of the inspection. If the buyer refuses the merchandise, the refund will be sent to the buyer after the tracking number for the returned shipment is verified. If the merchandise is accepted, eBay submits the payment directly to the Seller.

Please respond by replying to this email.Your email will go directly to our Customer Support

Thank you for using eBay.

eBay VPAP Customer Support (Trust and Safety Department)


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