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Scammer Martha Rodason (Rodson?) – 2000 model GMC Denali

Posted in database, scammer by Chief on February 22, 2011

A scammer replied to my inquiry regarding her vehicle advertisement:

From: Martha Rodason <>
Date: Mon, Feb 21, 2011
Subject: Re: Denali
To: ~~~~~

I am selling this 2000 GMC DENALI because my platoon has been sent back to Iraq and don’t want it get old in my backyard. The price is low because I need to sell it before february 25th. It has no damage, no scratches or dents, no hidden defects. It is in immaculate condition, meticulously maintained and hasn’t been involved in any accident.. .I do have the title, clear, under my name. The Suv has 59,880 miles  miles original miles
It is still available for sale if interested, price as stated in the ad $2,200. The Suv is in Springfield, IL, in case it gets sold I will take care of shipping. Let me know if you are interested, email me back.

Body type: Suv
ENGINE:  5.7L  8 – Cyl.
Transmission: Automatic
Fuel type: Gasoline
Vehicle title: Clear
Exterior color:  Green
Interior color:  Tan
Thank you

Staff Sgt. Martha Rodson
139th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment
Springfield, Illinois Army National Guard

Second email from the criminal:

The transaction will be fully under Google’s surveillance, giving us both security and insurance that nothing will go wrong. They will be the 3rd, objective party involved in the transaction. This way you will actually pay for the Suv after you will receive and test it, because Google will hold the funds and release it to me only after you accept and confirm the delivery. After the Suv reaches your address you will have 5 days to test it. Within this period you have to decide if you purchase it or not. If you decide to take it you will have to contact Google and let them know that, so they can release the payment to me. If you won’t like it you will have to ship it back to me within the 5 days and Google will refund you. The shipping back will be done on my own expense, but I am sure this will not be the case.
If you decide to buy the Suv please provide me your full name and the address where you want the Suv to be delivered and I will initiate the transaction with Google. You will receive all the transaction details from them.

Looking forward to doing business!

Martha’s fake Google Checkout email to me from

From: Google Checkout
Date: Wed, Feb 23, 2011
Subject: Review and pay for your Google Checkout purchase.
To: ~~~~

You are receiving this e-mail because the seller Martha Rodson has selected Google Checkout to handle a secure online transaction with you.

Review and pay for your Google Checkout purchase.

Google Checkout Order Details – #NOT-A7D23L online vehicle purchase
All the transaction, payment and personal information is considered confidential and will not be released under any circumstances.

Our main and constant priority is the safety of our customers.

Qty Item Price
1 2000 GMC DENALI $2,200.00
Shipping & handling (USA) $0.00
Tax (USA) $0.00
Total: $2,200.00
Shipping and Tax are included .

Transaction details
Transaction ID# NOT-A7D23L
Sale Date: 02/23/2011
Item title: 2000 GMC DENALI
Item price: $2,200.00
Insurance: Yes
Shipping fees: $0.00
Total: $2,200.00

Name: ~~~~
Address: ~~~~
City: ~~~~~
State: ~~
Zip: ~~
Country: ~~

member Martha Rodson, as the Seller, initiated a new transaction through Google Checkout program and registered you, ~~~~~~~, as the Buyer.

We verified all the details of this transaction and we concluded that they are accurate and the transaction is approved. Please follow our instructions to complete the transaction safely. Your Google Checkout purchase is protected for up to $20,000.00 or the vehicle price, whichever is lower.
Name: Martha Rodson
Address: 2901 Normandy Rd
City: Springfield
State: IL
Zip: 62703
Country: United States

How to send the money to Google Checkout
Payment must be submitted via Western Union to a designated Regional Manager in charge of this transaction. Google Checkout will secure
the payment until the buyer receives, inspects and accepts the vehicle. Or, if it will be the case, Google Checkout will refund the payment to the buyer.

If you are not familiarized with the Western Union money transfer services please visit:
If you want to locate the nearest Western Union Office in your area please Find Agent Location.
Make the payment in cash using our Google Checkout agent details (check bellow for the agent details) .
Confirm the payment to Google Checkout.
Fax us the copy of the receipt at fax # : 1 (206) 666-3809

Where to send the money
Google Checkout Agent Details:
Name: Josh Rolerman
Address: 1560 Broadway
City: Denver
State: CO
Zip: 80202
Country: United States

The following Western Union form specimen is indicated to use in your transaction. Please click on the image below to see the form specimen.
Purchaser must use this form to complete transaction.

*The Western Union transfer will be sent using this name and address.

*We strongly recommend that you confirm the payment by sending the both documents (Western Union Receipt and Copy of the completed form) by FAX and E-MAIL.

For security reasons please DO NOT release the payment details to the Seller or any other unauthorized person.
Once the payment is done, Fax the Western Union payment receipt to Google Checkout at: 1 (206)-666-3809
Protection and refund
Once the Motor Vehicle is delivered, the Purchaser has a 5 (five) days inspection period. After the inspection period is over, the Purchaser will contact Google Checkout with the results of the inspection. If, for any reason, the Motor Vehicle does not pass the Purchaser’s inspection, it will be returned to the Seller, on Seller’s expense and the funds will be returned to the Purchaser.

For safety reasons the payment details will be dealt with the utmost security and will not be handed to any third parties. Google Checkout will be in full control of the funds as soon as it reaches the regional account. Once the funds have been sent to our regional account, no one but the Purchaser will have access to it.

Google Checkout will release the funds to the Seller only after the Purchaser receives and agrees with the Motor Vehicle. Should the Purchaser need a refund for this transaction the amount received will be sent back via bank transfer, check or money order. The account is managed and supervised by Google Checkout Department.

Buy with confidence! Google Checkout protects your vehicle purchase against fraud and material misrepresentation. This program is provided for FREE
on all eligible vehicle transactions. There is no sign-up, opt-in, or registration necessary.
The following types of fraud and material misrepresentation are covered:
Paying for a vehicle and never receiving it;
Sending a deposit for a vehicle and never receiving the vehicle;
Paying for and receiving a vehicle:
That was a stolen vehicle at the time of the transaction;
With an undisclosed or unknown lien against its title;
Of a make and/or model that is different than what was described in the seller’s listing;
Without receiving the title for that vehicle from the seller, if it is impossible for you to obtain a title from the appropriate Department of Motor
Whose title is subject to an undisclosed salvage, rebuilt, reconstructed, scrapped/destroyed, junk, lemon, manufacturer buyback, or water
damage title brand at the time of the sale;
With a model year that is different than the model year described in the seller’s listing;
With an odometer reading that is different than the odometer reading described in the seller’s listing.
Your Google Checkout vehicle purchase is protected for up to $20,000.00 or the vehicle purchase price, whichever is lower. The program covers Cars,
Trucks, Motorcycles, ATVs, Go-Karts, Scooters, Mopeds, Personal Watercraft, Snowmobiles, Boats, Buses, Commercial Trucks, Race Cars, RVs
and Campers, Trailers.
Google Checkout Support.

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8 Responses

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  1. Ryan said, on February 23, 2011 at 3:57 pm

    I’ve been in contact with same person, same emails, its all the same. Says now Google checkout cannot contact me. Thank you for this post… was pretty sure it was a scam.

  2. Bill P. said, on February 26, 2011 at 2:22 pm

    I concur with this and was sent the same BS. As a former military man I am outraged that this scumbag is posing as one our nations finest. I am further outraged if she is actually military and involved. Stay away.

  3. gena lassiter said, on March 1, 2011 at 11:16 am

    i too fell for this, i thought it was a legit sale item. but as gulliable i am i fell for it i paid the 2200 that they asked. and the google checkout website has been disabled so now i out the 2200 that i spent.

  4. Lori said, on March 1, 2011 at 11:31 am

    i contacted the platoon and got thhis email back

    Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
    Caveats: FOUO

    No this person is not real and it is a scam. The 139th Mobile Public Affairs is not deploying to Iraq anytime soon. This scam has been going on a couple years now. Thank you for checking with us. Please let us know if you have any other questions.


    SSG Stephanie McCurry
    Public Affairs Specialist
    Illinois Army National Guard
    1301 N. MacArthur Blvd.
    Springfield, IL 62702-2399
    PAO Email: {obfuscated}
    Phone: {obfuscated}
    Fax: {obfuscated}

    Become our Facebook Fan!

  5. Chief said, on March 1, 2011 at 1:59 pm

    Ouch, Gena. I’m sorry these crooks took your money. You have done nothing wrong and have nothing to be ashamed of. These criminals are professionals and know what buttons to push to move the deal along. Please report it to your local police and to It’s very unlikely you will ever see your money again, but reporting it will help law enforcement aggregate your case with others.

    — Chief

  6. gena lassiter said, on March 1, 2011 at 8:37 pm

    thank you for the information. i made a claim against them. thanks again. there are good people still in the world.

  7. Chief said, on March 1, 2011 at 11:13 pm

    Way to go, Gena. I wish I could tell you that there is hope of getting your money back, but it is not likely. Thanks for reporting it … here’s some indictments made just today on this same scheme:

  8. Lane said, on May 30, 2011 at 2:54 pm

    I too was in contact with this person. As a member of the National Guard, I have a military e-mail address and when I asked this person to continue our correspondence via our military e-mail accounts, this person refused to continue our “transaction”. Two things I learned out of this. 1. If the person claims to be in the military, ask them to send you at least one message via their military e-mail. This will allow you trace the person back thru the military. Also don’t be afraid to contact their unit (google the unit info) to verify this person exists. 2, after encountering several of these scams, I noticed that all of them had blocked out the license plates in all the photos. Most of the listings had multiple photos and all had the plates blocked out.

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