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Posted in database, ebay spoof, scammer by Chief on October 1, 2010

It is not my practice to blindly slam a provider with regard to its ignoring my abuse reports. Any criticism is issued only after I have submitted three abuse reports and received no answer or trivial (canned) answers. has passed that threshold today. Quick synopsis:

15Sept2010 – Criminal sends me an email reply to my inquiry into her RV for sale

15Sept2010 – abuse report sent to photobucket to kill the criminal’s pictures. Provider killed the pics.

16Sept2010 – abuse report sent to Google to kill the criminal’s aux websites. Provider killed one of the sites.

16Sept2010 reports sent to Http:// and other scam-fighting databases

27Sept2010 – abuse report sent to Earthlink;  Sara is a very active scam artist

30Sept2010 – Sara’s Spanish bank account reported to law enforcement. Dead

30Sept2010 – Sara’s fax number reported to AT&T. Still active.

30Sept2010 – Sara’s fake ebay site reported to host and registrar. Still active

30Sept2010 – Sara’s letters forwarded to Ebay abuse

30Setp2010 – Sara again emails me from about money

01Oct2010 – I email Earthlink and inform them of continued fraud from Sara

01Oct2010 – fake ebay site registrar tells me the site is not in their database. Bullshit!

01Oct2010 – I tell shady registrar to get his act together (also reported to his host)

01Cot2010 – More of Sara’s fake ebay sites reported to hosts

01Oct2010 – stolen Ebay images on Sara’s fake ebay sites reported to hosts

01Oct2010 – Earthlink emails me, “submission does not contain sufficient information”

01Oct2010 – I reply to Earthlink that they are in error

01Oct2010 – I call Earthlink and am routed to a blind “abuse dept.” voicemail box. Report issued verbally.

01Oct2010 – I send emails to Earthlink to escalate the action

01Oct2010 – To an obscure abuse reporting link, I again report to Earthlink the criminal activity

01Oct2010 – I receive yet another canned response from Earthlink with a 3rd abuse ticket number.

01Oct2010 – I reply to Earthlink to move on the abuse and cease the canned replies.

What is the point? Reputable providers initiate action when evidence of fraud is clearly presented.  Poor providers send canned messages and refuse to initiate any action that requires them to expend their energy.

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  1. Nick said, on November 8, 2010 at 12:52 pm

    Deanna Wieskus is working her scam.

    There is a Joananne simpson doing the same with
    Mont address advertising in NJ

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