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A Note On Those Battling Scams …

Posted in database, scammer by Chief on September 18, 2010

Why do we do this?

Frankly, I enjoy the satisfaction of the occasional “thank you” from a potential victim. I try to work anonymously and cheaply — using free tools and websites. However, some scam-fighters employ more powerful — read, expensive — tools and work in the open. One such colleague is receiving threats against his life and his family members. If you feel obligated to compensate me for helping you avoid fraud, I would ask that you to divert that donation via paypal to as indicated on his about me page.

Thanks for reading and remember to continue educating those around you — friends, family, co-workers,  and customers — on the tactics of these scammers. It would thrill me to have to close this site down due to a lack of willing victims for the scammers.


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