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Scammer antonajudy is still trying to sell her fake tractors

Posted in database, scammer by Chief on September 17, 2010

Thanks to a reader, Scott, we find that Judy is still very active in fraudulent “sales” of tractors. Previous posts and comments: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8.         Here is what a screenshot of the ad looked like [click to enlarge for reading]:

Text of the ad:

2004 John Deere 4300 Hydro 4×4 Loader Backhoe Mow Deck 280hrs – $5400

Date: 2010-09-17, 10:02AM EDT
Reply to: see below

Contact me at: <>

Hours 280
Horsepower 32
Drive 4WD

Front end pay loader bucket Model # 430.
Loader Bucket
Rear Backhoe attachment, fully hydraulic with outriggers Model # 48.
Pull behind ? 3 point hitch, Six foot wide rear mowing deck.
18″ backhoe buckets
6′ mowing deck

This tractor comes with a category one, 2,200 pound lifting capacity, 3
point hitch; R1 (ag) tires, 10 gallon fuel tank, rear independent 540
rpm power take off (PTO), roll over protection system (ROPS),
differential lock, hydrostatic power steering, tilt steering, wet disc
brakes, and a 9 forward/3 speed reverse collar shifter. It weights 2,900
pounds, is 117 inches long, is only 50 inches wide with the rear tires
adjusted in, is 83 inches high at the top of the ROPS, and has a 68?
It will accept virtually any type farm, construction or landscape
attachment from aftermarket vendors. John Deere alone makes backhoes,
front and rear blades, front loaders, brooms, cultivators, front and mid
mount mowers, baggers, brush hogs, flail mowers, post hole diggers, snow
blowers and roto -tillers for the 4000 series tractors.
I ordered mine with the optional 3 range hydrostatic transmission, 4
wheel drive, cruise control, mid PTO, power beyond hydraulics, and R4
(industrial tires). I also got the 430 loader, model 48 backhoe and
ballast box. The auto tranny is great for loader work, it has forward
and reverse foot pedals, so you can instantly change directions and not
take your hands off the steering wheel or other controls! It has high
medium and low ranges with infinite speed control in each range. Low and
medium are the working ranges and high is basically for transport only.
4 wheel drive is recommended for loader work and is nice for mud and
snow. The cruise control is nice for setting a specific speed for
tilling or mowing long passes and also for going on road. The R4 tires
are a compromise between the aggressive ag and smoother turf tires. They
have good traction but don?t tear up your yard like R1?s. The 430 loader
is the larger of the 2 offered by John Deere, as is the 48 backhoe. I
got the 6?6″ loader and 18″ backhoe buckets. The tractor has plenty of
power to lift the loader bucket when filled with dirt, gravel or
firewood and the hoe attachment digs up to 8?6″ in even rocky soil. The
ballast box is necessary when operating the tractor and loader without
the backhoe – I fill mine with sandbags for counterweight.
This tractor is an operator?s dream! With the hydrostatic transmission,
single joystick loader control and twin joystick backhoe controls you
can be doing some serious work immediately – almost no learning curve.
To me the design is very intuitive – the controls are conveniently
located, ergonomic and function logically. The 4 way joysticks allow for
simultaneous operations with one hand. The seat is comfortable, and has
an automotive type safety belt which along with the ROPS protects the
operator if a rollover occurs. Fuel level, hours, and temperature gauges
are on the dash. Headlights and amber flashing caution lights on the
roll bar are standard equipment. The fuse panel is easy to get at, as is
all the fluid indicators under the hood. The seat is adjustable forward
and back, as well as for operator weight. The tilt steering is another
nice comfort feature. My youngest son was 11 when I got this tractor and
he had no problems running it – it really is easy to use!
So far, I?ve used my tractor for power and plumbing trenches, digging up
tree stumps, material handling, roto-tilling, grading, landscaping, post
hole digging and snow removal. It does all these things well

Contact me at: <> if you
are interested

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  1. ed said, on September 21, 2010 at 11:47 am

    The exact add as listed above is posted on Craigslist Bakersfield California. I reported it as a scam on that site. The email that I received from this individual is pasted below (judy antona [])

    Hello I’m Carl, Judy`s husband. I am sorry for my delay in response, but currently I`m working on a drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico and I have been very busy with my work. Anyway, thank you for your interest in buying the tractor. The total price for my 2004 John Deere 4300 Tractor is $5,400 included a heavy duty equipment trailer and box blade package. I wanted to keep the tractor but I left my farm for a better job in Gulf of Mexico, so I decided to sell it. The tractor is in showroom condition, 280 hrs, 32 hp, 4wd.

    So if you are interested please email me back so I can explain you how the transaction will work.

  2. Chief said, on September 21, 2010 at 12:08 pm

    Ed, thanks for posting. Please help the cause and report any of the criminal’s photo albums to their respective hosts’ abuse links.

    — Chief

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