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Scammer Selling An RV (Camper Trailer)

Posted in database, ebay spoof, scammer by Chief on July 23, 2010

Short email exchange with this criminal:
From: dustin pratt
Date: just the other day
Subject: RE: RV for sale
To: victim


The price is $2,700.This 1999 Fleetwood Prowler 275J is a real ‘head turner’ and it will make you proud, it is in excelent condition, never been involved in accidents, no smells and odors, no rust, no leaks, power options all functional and it will need nothing in the near future.I inherited it from my uncle who had health issues and took great care of this camper. We are in a training mission here until 27th of September but if you’re not able to pick this up I have some great news for you.
The shipping will take 4-5 days thru DAS and it will be free, my precious buyer already paid for it and DAS didnt want to refund him so I have the camper sealed at DAS terminal ready to be shipped out. If we cannot meet face2face I would like to use ebay motors vehicle purchase protection to take care of this deal, smooth and safe. Let me know if you have any other momentous, hope i didnt miss anything. Thank you,

> Date: earlier
> Subject: Re: RV for sale
> From: victim
> To:
> Oh, I am disappointed. It is not in ObfuscatedVille?
> Victim
> On a Much Earlier Date, dustin pratt wrote: > > Hello there,
> > I wanted to let you know that the camper is still available, i had a buyer > > but his loan did not get approved.Please let me know
> > asap if you are still interested , here is a link with more > > photos: At this time the > > camper is in Helena, MT with me(I work in the US Air Force) and we can use > > the eBay Vehicle
> > Purchase Protection service to handle this deal if you’re not > > able to come pick this up. Please let me know if you have any questions, for > > some reasons your previous email did not load on my screen. > > Thank you,
> > Dustin Pratt, TSgt, USAF
> > Fire & Emergency Services Flight

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