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More Lies Scammers Will Tell You

Posted in database, ebay spoof, scammer by Chief on April 8, 2010

After corresponding with a criminal attempting to defraud me during the sale of a vehicle,  the scammer Puckett Rich <> from Romania IP emailed this text to me:

PS: TIP : Usually WesternUnion or Money Gram takes higher fees for purchases of goods.To avoid these fees,in case the operator from WesternUnion(Money Gram ) ask you what is the reason you make this payment,you can tell them you make this payment for personal reason(eg:to send money to a relative) and in this way you will pay normal fees,not higher. This is just a tip to help you pay less to make this payment.

I will wait for the payment confirmation from eBay.
If it confirms today I will start immediately the shipping
and the shipping will take maxim 3 max. 4 business days.

I’m glad that we did business together.
Keep me posted with everything.

I cannot find an ounce of truth in any of the above. It is all a lie.


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