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Some Scammers Are So0OOO Stoopid!

Posted in database, ebay spoof, scammer by Chief on November 5, 2009

Once one gets  a rookie scammer off his script, his brain goes to jello. Here is “Amanda’s” reply after I inform her that the bank account of the fake “Ebay” agent is not working  … and I wonder how it got closed 🙂 Thanks, Buster!

From: Amanda Cleveland <>
To: ScamSiteBuster <>

I am so sorry for this.. I will ask ebay now what’s the problem and get back
to you asap.

On 11/5/09, ScamSiteBuster <> wrote:
> My bank is telling me the same crap as they tolled me earlier.
> Bank Name:Bank Of America
> Bank Address:Paradise Valley Branch 1077e Sahara Ave Las Vegas NV 891 f04
> Acc:501009876323
> Routing:122400724
> United States
> is showing an error and policies do not permit a transfer while it is
> in that error state.
> Why is it in a error state. When will it be fixed? I look kinda stupid
> asking my banker the same questions every day.


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