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Bad News from Google Apps

Posted in database, scammer by Chief on September 22, 2009

I have been corresponding with the Google Apps Team regarding the process by which it kills the sites of scammers. Currently that process can be classified as “weak to downright humorous.”  I responded to a thread in the Google Apps Help Forum in April and began a campaign of convincing Google to create a robust process for getting criminals off Google Apps sites.

In the month of June, I posted in the same Google Apps Help Forum regarding specifics of how mainstream registrars and hosts treat abusing sites. Dialog with the Google Apps Team resulted in the admission that, yes, the process for killing sites is a bit soft and is based upon an evidently large number of false-positives in their abuse reporting.  Example: User A has a rather benign site that is reported as abuse.  If the site is completely obliterated as a result of the false abuse report, Google is charged with re-establishing the site with much egg on it’s face. So, if instead of completely blasting the site away, Google simply “disables” some of the functions, Google can recover the site more quickly.

Oddly, the criminals I report as abusive are treated in the same manner. I have never (and will never) report a site as abusive without complete and exhaustive research. Evidently, my abuse reports are lumped in with some automatic abuse reports and Google feels that the the degree of error in the amassed report is so high that they cannot risk pissing off good customers that may be falsely included in the abuse reporting system.  So, to keep the good customers happy, the criminals are treated with kid gloves, too.  There is a technical word for this:  Hogwash

I conclude with two open letters:

Dear Google,

I do not make mistakes in reporting abuse on Google Apps. 100% of the sites I report are criminally abusive. Heck, they are of the same genre, same “modality” 🙂 each and every time.  If your cost model does not include enough cash flow to support differentiating between excellent and poor abuse reports, your Google Apps function deserves all the scammers, thieves, and pimps the world can throw at you.  Good decision-making is a tenet of a forward-looking organization.  I am running to my broker now to make sure he strikes Google from my potential investments listing.

Dear Pimps, Thieves, Scammers, and Internet Criminals,

Be sure to register your domains with, then host your havoc-wreaking sites with Google Apps.  Neither organization acts swiftly nor decisively to kill your illegally maintained, money-making machine.  As a matter of fact, if you will report some valid Google Apps sites as abusive, the Google folks may even change their policies so that you can enjoy their services for longer periods of time.  You’re welcome for the hints.


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