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Craigslist scammer – selling a Ford truck

Posted in database, scammer by Chief on August 17, 2009

Email from a known scammer:

From: Susan Jackson <>

Hi again, since u can`t make it here I can ship the ford to your place using the ebay vehicle protection
program, because the ford was posted on ebay but i have cancel the listing but I can still use they`r program.
My uncle works at an shipping company and he can arrange the shipping for free for
me. Ebay will hold the money until the ford arrives to your place. When the ford arrives you have 2 days
for inspection and drive test and if u don`t like the

ford you can be fully refunded, but the ford is in great shape and I think that will not happened. If you
want to continue with this transaction all I need from you is your full name and shipping address so i can
forward to ebay and they will contact you instructing you about how to send payment and shipping process,

they’ll release the funds to me only after you receive and inspect the ford. I think this is the safest way
for both of us so this will be an secure transaction.
I wait for your quick reply. Thanks

here are some pictures

Susan Jackson


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  1. Rob said, on August 26, 2009 at 8:02 pm

    The beeyotch is at it again!

    Re: 05 NISSAN MAXIMA – $4000 (Bronx)

    Hello, the car is running great with no mechanical problem. It`s an 2005 with 49,000 miles, automatic.
    The title is clean, no lien. I`m the first owner. The price is so low because I want to sell it asap because i`m leaving the
    country in about 2 weeks with school education in Germany and i have to pay school taxes and i don`t have the money so i need to sell my car, anyway the education is more important then a car.
    I`m located in New York and the nissan is here with me prepared for pickup. The car was posted in many location so i can find an buyer fast so if you can`t make it here in New York there is the possibility to ship the car. The price is $4000 and it`s firm.


    Susan Jackson

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