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Posted in database, scammer by Chief on July 6, 2009

Edit 7Jul2009: is dead.

I received the obviously canned email below from yet another support group at Google.

Thank you for your report. We apologize for any inconvenience you might
have experienced.

We appreciate the urgent nature of your situation. As we gather more
information and take the appropriate steps to resolve this problem, we may
contact you periodically to ask for more information, or to confirm our

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

To which I replied:


Thank you for your reply. I have suffered no inconvenience. My concern is the public who are exposed to the scammers basing their fraudulent activities on Google servers. has been active since before May 6, 2009. I have supplied to the abuse team multiple emails with headers, complete whois searches and follow up correspondence from the criminals. I do not understand what additional information I could supply to you. Please be specific and timely.  Do you understand that innocent victims are losing thousands of dollars to these criminals? Please let me know the status of these sites and when you will shut these guys down. Inactivating the web site means disabling the domain’s hosting service including wiping DNS MX records.



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