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Posted in database, ebay spoof, scammer by Chief on June 5, 2009

edit 6/16/2009 – Google has not responded to email abuse reports nor the online abuse forms. Google Apps is scammer-friendly.
edit 6/22/2009 – Google has not responded. Abuse re-reported via this date.

edit 6/23/2009 – Corresponding with another scammer using the email address  Abuse reports sent to and via same form linked above.

edit 6/25/2009 – abuse report #7 issued to Google

edit 6/27/2009 – lack of response posted to Google Apps forum. Emails sent to Google domain admin (from whois) and to

edit 6/29/2009 – I am lumping together,, and for continued abuse reports I am issuing to Google.  Today, I submitted yet another request in the Google Apps forum and sent feedback via a form I found in that forum.

edit 7/1/2009 – Per feedback in the Google Apps forum, I have submitted abuse report to the registrar, Godaddy.

edit 7/2/2009 – Site url is suspended. DNS MX records still show google mail. I received a nice email from a Google employee indicating some escalation is taking place.

edit 7/8/2009 – Abuse report sent to Google again

edit 7/9/2009 – Abuse report sent to Google

edit 7/31/2009 – Google Apps Support sent me an email telling me that all the sites I have reported to them are inactive. The tools I have available to me (Whois) indicate differently.  Google’s definition of a dead site differs from that of all other web hosts on the planet.

WHOIS = [ ]
OrgName: Google Inc.
Address: 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
City: Mountain View
StateProv: CA
PostalCode: 94043
Country: US

Scammer email from May 6, 2009

Scammer email from May 6, 2009


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